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Rawdah, Ahmad AlMujahid, Jeddah, KSA

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Many people may have heard of the concept of Feng Shui but are not entirely sure what it is nor how it relates to interior design or decorating.  Despite this lack of general knowledge, knowing how Feng Shui actually works can significantly improve your interior design of your home as well as improve your wellbeing overall.


So, what is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophical belief that your life as a person is in part reflected in and affected by the design and the way in which you live in your home. Examples of this can be seen when a person with a disorganized home also, oftentimes, is disorganized in other parts of their life. According to the idea of Feng Shui, these things are related. Their house is not messy just because they are disorganized mentally – it also goes the other way as well that disorganization in a home can also cause disorganization of the mind. This is why the concept of Feng Shui has been a favorite of interior decorators for years.


Finding your own Feng Shui

There is a significant amount of research to back up aspects of this particular Chinese philosophy.  Things like having an ordered house have been proven to reduce stress. Increasing the lighting and having light walls or accoutrements in your house also are great ways of significantly lowering stress and adding peace of mind.


Find your own Feng Shui is as important as the space in which you live.  Both can affect your life just as much as the way you live your life affects your space. Creating and designing a house decoration scheme, deciding on colors, and even placing things like plants or books can all be a part of cultivating the kind of home and feeling you want to have and can help you create an ideal reflection of the life you want to experience.