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Legend Development is all about creativity and innovation. With various commercial and private projects under the belt, we at Legend Development make sure that we process our projects in the best possible manner. With the initiation of the project with a 2D modeling of the client’s needs in regard to the project, we start making the 2D model which resembles with the original project’s requirements. We put much effort and detail into making sure that we cross check all the requirements regarding the given fields:

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The electric designing and the architecture of the whole projects is discussed beforehand. As electric design needs a lot of work as well as detailing from the client, we want to make sure that the wiring is safe and secure from hazards and is done in the best possible manner. Once approved, we move onto the next step.

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Legend Development makes sure that your place glows best among the rest. Our designers will analyze your place and develop the best lighting plan for. We will make sure that you are a part of each of these plans to ensure your maximum compliance and satisfaction. Once it is approved, we move onto the next level.

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Interior designing is incomplete without the perfect furniture being used in the making of the house and the building. We at Legend Development have been working sure we design the best furniture that will compliment your home or your commercial setup in the best possible manner.

Once we are done with these steps, we design the 3D model of your proposition to ensure that we are on the right path. You will have the real-time experience with that design to ensure that we are designing something that you are looking for. Once approved, we set out to design the home of your dreams.

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We at Legend Development have been ensuring that our services stand out in the crowd. For this purpose, we have been making sure that we are the best in terms of quality of services and unique in terms of what we provide to our clients.

We have been making ourselves different from the rest of the companies of the interior sector by breaking a few norms and setting a few trends:

With Feng Shui, we have reinvented the way homes have been designed in KSA. With our expertise in the commercial and private sector, we have designed over 120 projects by providing one on one consultancy and guidance to the clients.

Our make-over services can turn the destiny of any building. Any commercial building can start making revenue for the owner once it is renovated and made the best possible model of it. From painting to furnishing, we do it all.

We have been making the 3D models of the projects beforehand to ensure that the clients have a relai time experiment with our models. We want them to experience their dreams before they actually start to live in it.

We have a team of experts who will be at your service 24/7 to ensure that you get the best of our services. Your feedback is important to us. So, leave us a quote so that we can welcome you in the Legend Development family and start working over your project.

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120 is just a small number when it comes to all the projects that Legend development has done in the past 4 years. Have a look at our portfolio to see our amazing journey.

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